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이곳에는 주로 저의 사생활과 프론트엔드 개발에 대해 이야기 합니다.

현재 저는 @omnious 에서 프론트엔드 개발자로 일하고 있습니다.

블로그의 자세한 스펙은 아래와 같습니다.

Standard features:

  • Easy editable content in Markdown files (posts, pages and parts)
  • SEO (sitemap generation, robot.txt, meta and OpenGraph Tags)
  • Social sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)
  • Comments (Facebook)
  • Images lazy loading and webp support (gatsby-image)
  • Post categories (post list filtering)
  • Contact form (Netlify form handling)
  • RSS feed
  • PWA (manifes.json, offline support, favicons)
  • Google Analytics
  • Favicons generator (node script)
  • Material UI (@next)

Advanced features:

  • Easy customizable base styles via theme object (fonts, colors, sizes)
  • Components lazy loading (social sharing, comments)
  • ESLint (google config)
  • Prettier code styling
  • Custom webpack CommonsChunkPlugin settings
  • Webpack BundleAnalyzerPlugin
  • Contact form validation (react-material-ui-form-validator)
  • this is a personal blog built by byseop
  • GatsbyJS, ReactJs, CSS in JS
  • deliverd by Netlify